Science club – Respiratory System

Week Four – Respiratory System

As children arrive, ask them to measure their lung capacity and their height, then plot both of these on a graph.

Arrival Craft: Paper respiratory system from Scholastic model book.


Introduction: As you arrived, I hope that you were able to test your ‘peak flow’ and measure your height.

I wanted to test to see if there was a correlation between height and peak flow.

Let’s look at our results (talk about strong and weak correlation).

We’re going to make two model lungs together. We’re going to put one into each of these bowls.

The first one is very easy to make and I’m going to make it all by myself, I’m going to blow up this big balloon.

The second one is a bit fiddly, so, I’m going to need your help. I need you to each inflate a small balloon – try to make it as round as you can, then work out the volume and the surface area of your balloon and write it on the big board. lungs

A=4πrsquared; V=4/3πrcubed; C=2πr

(for surface area, divide by six, square it, times by 12; for volume, divide by six, cube, times by four).

Finally, I’m going to give you a puzzle to think about, how can we blow out hot air when we want to warm our hands and cold air when we want to cool soup?

Individual Task: Blowing hot and cold experiment. blowingexpt

Break for drink and snack

Gather Together: While you were having your snack, I worked out the total volume and surface area of our two lung models.

Which model has the biggest surface area? Which one has the biggest volume?

Which one looks most like the structure of our real lungs?

Let’s have another look at the body apron. Would someone like to come and wear it so we can see where our lungs are?

Once a child is wearing the apron, ask them to identify the lungs and the trachea.

Final Activity: We have looked at blowing hot and cold air, but I would like to finish with one last experiment. If you take a straw and blow through it onto your hand, will it feel hot or cold?

Give out straws. Ask children to hold the straw just a few millimetres from their hand then blow through it.

Does it feel hot or cold?

I found that if I hold the straw very close to my hand and blow hard, it feels hot directly under the straw, but cold all around the edges.


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