Home Education – Secondary School

My Eldest is the right age for secondary school, so I’m going to finish my set of weeks with a week of what home education looks like for us at secondary school age.


Eldest’s lessons on Monday are Grammar, Geometry, Physics and Geography.

When Eldest finished schoolwork, he played Minecraft with Middly.

Then Eldest read until lunch.

Eldest has recovered from chicken pox, but, we’re keeping him away from public places for another day. So, he stayed in with my husband this morning and read.

When I got back home, Eldest helped me write up the instructions for The Leaf Disc experiment for this week’s Science Club.

Then he played Lego with Youngest. After a bit, I put on the Garfield Movie, and all the boys watched it together.


Today’s lessons were Biology, Problem Solving, Fiction and History.

When he’d finished, Eldest played Minecraft on the PC for a while. Then he read library books until lunchtime.

This is (thankfully!) Eldest’s last stay stuck in the house. He spent it beginning  make plans for the Geography course he’s going to lead next year. He’s going to focus on Mountains and Volcanoes. So he started today by brainstorming activities we could do and aspects we could cover.

We’ve got a good number of children attending our Science Club and the Poetry Course went well. There’s an appetite for another short course, and Eldest is very enthusiastic about leading it. I’ll be there to help, of course.

We had a snack. Eldest played Lego with Youngest. Then, I left him at home with my husband while I took Middly swimming. Eldest read, and was still reading when I got home.

He helped a little bit with making tea, then returned to his book again! It’ll be great to get him back out of the house tomorrow!


Eldest began the day with Grammar, Chemistry, Numbers and Bible Study.

Then we had a snack, and then he played Minecraft on the PC.

We had a quick lunch and Eldest helped find and pack things that I needed for Science.

We went to Science Club, which was all about plants and photosynthesis. Eldest popped out to buy biscuits because we didn’t have enough.

He made a leaf mobile, and did the leaf disc experiment. He helped make teas and coffees at break time, and helped Youngest make a cress head. Then he handed out copies of the newsletter and hoovered the hall at the end of the session.

We all went to the park. Eldest played chase with his friends, climbed up the goal posts and played on his phone.

When we got home, we had another snack, Eldest put a load of laundry on.Then Eldest and Middly played with the rats until tea time.

After tea, we watched Catchphrase together. Then Eldest went out to his youth group. They made bottle rockets this evening.


Eldest began the day by making origami frogs.

Today’s lessons were Physics, Fiction Writing, Geometry, and Geology.
I helped Eldest look through his work and set him a challenge of writing a story without forgetting any capital letters. He managed (hurrah!), so the day began on a positive note.

Youngest was making ‘breakfast stew’ by mixing three cereals together. Eldest wanted to have some too. I think having Youngest around makes Eldest more open to being playful.

After breakfast, Eldest read for a bit. Then we had a quick snack before going to the library.

Eldest returned last week’s books and selected a new pile for this week. He played Pokémon Go and we went out for lunch with Nana.

After lunch we had a quick park trip (it was cold). Eldest mainly played Pokémon Go on the swing.

Back home, Eldest played with his rabbit. Then had another snack.

His Geology lesson today was about minerals, and it included a description of how to grow crystals. So, we set some up to grow.

Then Eldest went to his tennis lesson. Nana drove him there and he walked home by himself.

When he got back home, we looked at his crystals, which are slowly progressing. Then Eldest cooked sausages and mash for tea. He has taken on responsibility for cooking tea once a week. He chooses what to make and lets me know what he’ll need. It’s a new development, but going well so far.

While tea cooked, we all watched the start of Inside Out.

When my husband came home he didn’t recognise our crystal solution for what it was, and he washed up the saucer. Oops! So, after tea, Eldest and I mixed up another batch and left it to evaporate overnight.


This morning’s lessons were Bible study, Comprehension, Sequences and Punctuation.

Eldest got up rather late today. He did his work, ate breakfast, ate snacks, read for a while.

I invited him to help me test our battery making experiment for next week’s Science Club. He was a little reluctant, but keener when I let him strip wires.

After lunch, we went for a walk with some friends, and talked about local history.

Eldest taught one of the younger children to play Pokémon Go, and then walked next to her for the rest of the walk to stop her bumping into things!

Then Eldest went to tennis practice.

One of the things that I love about Home Education is how easy it is to cope with Eldest’s spiky learning profile. He loves science and is doing well. He finds English tricky and still struggles a bit with expressing himself in words. Many of his workbooks give him small amounts of practice at re-phrasing ideas in his own words, which seems to be helping his written skills to develop.

Eldest is quickly discouraged if he finds work too difficult, and finds it hard to accept our help. We choose his workbooks carefully to build his confidence and take things at his pace. 

Eldest prefers unfussy workbooks, so he’s very keen on Schofield and Sims. Unfortunately, he’s nearly finished them all, so we’re starting to encourage him to use more textbooks.

He is very keen on Activate Science and Aaron Wilkes’ History Textbooks, both of which contain lots of ‘copy and complete’ exercises.


Eldest is a voracious reader. He is the only one of us who likes to re-read books. He often reads books several times.


Reading through this, I am impressed by how often Eldest helps out. He’s growing into a responsible young man. He clearly enjoys helping me around the house, and helping younger children at our various groups. 

When we first took Eldest out of school, he was wasn’t very confident in his own abilities and he wasn’t keen on socialising with other children. Looking at how happy he is to write instructions for Science Club, and how encouraging he is when he helps Youngest, I am starting to think that he’s regained a lot of self-esteem. He is also genuinely enthusiastic about spending time with his friends now, which is really wonderful.


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