Birds (again)


We’ve already had one session on birds here. But Middly has been doing the RSPB Wildlife Action Awards and, as part of this, he wanted to put on a play about birds at Science Club. So I set up another session on birds.
This time our opening craft came in two parts. Some children made masks for the bird play (see above) and others used card and split pins to make models showing the insides of developing eggs.


Middly and some of his friends performed Middly’s play about birds. BirdsPlay

We brought along some bird books so the children could try and decorate the outside of their eggs to resemble real bird eggs.
We finished off with dissecting owl pellets. I downloaded a sheet (from the RSPB) to help us identify the bones, which we found a bit tricky! But, it was lots of fun, even if some of the children found it ‘icky’. We soaked the pellets for forty minutes in cool water, then  I gave the children wooden skewers to tease apart the pellets, which worked really well.



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