Science Club – Cams

Cams and pulleys

Arrival Craft: make wheels for tiny cars using plasticine; children should make one car with round wheels and one with different shaped wheels and see the ways they roll.


Demonstration: what was the difference between the round wheels and the different shaped wheels? Round wheels roll more smoothly, but different shaped wheels bump a lot. We can use that ‘bumping’ action to push things up. Show the children a ready made cam toy.


Individual Task: make a moving toy using the techcard kit, smaller children will need a lot of grownup help.
We’ve used tech card before, and I really love it! It’s so easy to use and the children can make some fantastic models very quickly.

Gather together: Cams are one of the ways that engineers can turn one type of movement – going round and round – into another – going up and down.

Break for drink and snack, read Did I Ever Tell You how Lucky You Are?


Final Activity:

    We finished off the session by making very simple rocking animals. We folded paper plates in half to make the rocking base, then decorated with pens to make animals. I made a rabbit to show the children, with a little cotton wool tail, but they all had their own ideas!

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