Science Club – 2D Shapes

2d shapes & Matisse

Arrival Craft: make pictures like Matisse’s Snail, by sticking 2-d shapes, ‘painting with scissors’.
You can find Matisse’s Snail here.

Demonstration: talk about mosaics we’ve seen or made; name some shapes, let the children examine wooden shapes, talk about shapes that tessellate and shapes that don’t.

If you don’t have lots of plastic or wooden shapes, paper shapes are perfectly good for experimenting with tessellation.

Individual Task: bigger children make mosaics, smaller children stick glitter squares on lids of craft boxes.


Gather together:  play shape bingo



Active Science: Make a giant tangram and see if the children can work together to make a picture with it.


Break for drink and snack, read ‘Miffy and the Gallery’


Optional Extension:

  • Children can make their own tangrams
  • You can download tangrams from Activity Village

  • Play Kim’s game with 2-d shapes.

In case you don’t know Kim’s Game (or call it something else), this is how to play:
Show the children a tray of different objects and give them a couple of minutes to memorise what’s there.
Cover the tray and secretly take away one object.
Uncover the tray and ask the children to guess what you took.
When they’ve guessed, replace the object and have another round.
For younger children, use fewer objects, half a dozen or do, for older children, use a dozen or so objects.


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