Refilling your bucket.

So, what do West Wing repeats, chocolate and very hot baths have in common?
They are some of my most important parenting tools.
They’re not actually given directly to the boys (well, chocolate is sometimes), these are some of the things that I use to keep myself as happy as I can.
Happy parents are better parents.
When you’re living with trauma, it can be tricky to be cheerful. But, so far, it seems to be one of the most important pieces of the parenting jigsaw.
I’m always looking for new ways to de-stress myself. So, I thought I would make a list here, in case it offers anybody any handy ideas. And perhaps people can offer a few new ones for me to try!
To make me feel better, I like to:
1) Have a hot bath
2) Eat chocolate
3) Read, I particularly enjoy funny books (like Tom Holt and Jasper Fforde)
3) Watch TV (we’ve covered the West Wing, but I also rather like Come Dine with Me, and that is always on!)
4) Make tea, coffee or hot chocolate
5) Sing (handle this one with care, the boys consider music to be a kind of aggression)
6) Meditate
7) Puzzles – I enjoy solving a simple puzzle, it soothes me when I can’t seem to solve the trickier parts of life!
8) Driving – getting behind the wheel is very soothing, it makes me feel like there are some things I can control.


8 thoughts on “Refilling your bucket.

  1. One of my friends commented recently that she’d notice me using the term “self-care” recently, and what a great term it was. I felt as I’d ventured that little further into being a proper member of the adopter universe … while also spreading the ideas of the great and good who I admire so much even further and wider!
    Thank you 🙂

  2. I love your list, and share singing with you (agreeing to treat with care for different reasons which I have just posted on your music post)…. And sudoku is a good one if I’m anxious as a complete distraction. Cooking makes me very happy too. Just relaxed totally into a chicken noodle soup x

  3. Really happy to hear that you are this kind to yourself. Many of your suggestions I too enjoy in fact I have just recently realised the power of meditation, I’m hooked. Dancing is my other thing. When no one is around I turn up the radio and dance like crazy around the kitchen.

    Thank you for sharing on #WASO

  4. Ah The West Wing. Whenever I hear the name of it I have an urge to get out the DVDs and start again from the beginning! I know it’s a bit sad, but I like to end the day by using up my 5 lives in Candy Crush or whatever similar mindless game is available – it’s a total switch off from the whole day I find.

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