A Morning Victory!

I am a little worried that I might be tempting fate with this post. But, on the other hand, it’s about time I had some good news to share! So, I’m going to risk it.
Mornings have been tricky for a long time. The boys like to get up early. I’m not sure how early exactly because they prefer to do this while the adults are asleep. They creep downstairs and eat things. It’s a bit inconvenient. It means that I’m not always sure what food I will still have in the house at any point. They also tend to pick unhealthy foods and oversized portions.
I don’t want to go into detail about all the things that didn’t work for us, I don’t want to over-share a story that belongs to my children as much as it does to me. But, I know how reassuring I find it to hear that other families struggle with trauma fallout, so I do want to share some of our struggles.
Anyway, this week we have put a box of cereal, two spoons and two bowls out on the table. The boys have got up each day, come downstairs, helped themselves to cereal, then returned to bed.
They have seemed less tired. We haven’t noticed them taking anything other than cereal.
I am beyond thrilled! I am so proud of the boys for controlling themselves so well. I am rather impressed with my husband for thinking of this latest strategy.
I’m not sure why we’ve had this breakthrough. Homeschooling has helped, the boys are far less anxious now. Getting older has helped, they are – slowly – building self-control, and a bit of trust in us. I like to think that our regular timetable of snacks has helped. I strongly suspect that all my chats about the inconvenience of disappearing dairy products has never helped!
We’ve never had success in asking the boys to help themselves to particular foods before.
Of course, one week in is a bit early to celebrate a success. But, life can turn into a dull slog without making excuses to celebrate. And one week of doing well is worth celebrating! Maybe the boys will be back to old behaviours tonight, but, even if they are, it won’t be because I took a moment to be proud. And, even if one week is all they can manage now, that’s still one week of impressive self-control.
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2 thoughts on “A Morning Victory!

  1. That is definitely a success! Great idea, I have to say. For us it is more the other way round: I need to wake the boys up, then coax them to breakfast because there are so many other things to do … During the weekends I normally let them play a lot before breakfast, but at one point they get hungry, don’t notice it and start fighting with each other… So I need to get some food into them before that happens. 😉

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