Studying Stars

Middly asked to learn about stars.
I had a handy kit, so I started there:


We made a simple model of lunar and solar orbits.


We did a simple experiment to find out why we can’t see the stars during the day. We covered a torch with paper with a stat cut out. We looked at the star light in the dark, then turned on the lights and saw our mini star vanish.


I found some worksheets which encouraged the children to try and create their own constellations.
My favourite activity, though, was marking galaxies on Zooniverse. We’ve used Zooniverse before (there are relevant projects for most science topics), it’s quite exciting to play a part – however small – in big research projects.


3 thoughts on “Studying Stars

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    • Zooniverse is fantastic!
      It’s really helped the boys to appreciate how science is studied for research and not just school work. I think it’s important to show how adults are always learning new things too.

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