Teaching Music

We are not musical people.
Neither my husband nor I can play an instrument (though my parents made great efforts to help me learn). We don’t really listen to a lot of music, just a few family favourites.
But, when we decided to home educate, I was determined that the boys shouldn’t miss out on music lessons. So we are doing our level best to give them musical opportunities.

We have a board game which teaches a bit of theory and music history.
We began using bells to make music. It’s a very simple set, and you follow the colours.

We enjoy playing with these, we get to practice working together and the boys are able to create simple tunes of their own.


We wanted to try some different instruments. So we have a set of ocarinas and a set of ukuleles that we are learning to play together.
We use the CDs and books from The Ocarina Workshop to learn the ocarina, and Ukulele for Dummies to learn the ukulele, with a bit of help from YouTube and my brother.


(If you’re wondering about the colour choices, there’s a post about that.)
We’re very lucky to have several music teachers in our home ed group, so the boys get a chance to have proper lessons from time to time, and group singing most weeks.
At one of these sessions, we were introduced to Wak-a-tubes, so I picked up a set to play with.

Music has been one of those things that we are all learning together, hopefully it will be enough for the boys. But, as usual, I will appreciate any tips!
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6 thoughts on “Teaching Music

    • Why, thank you!
      They are all very colourful!
      I think they sound OK. The bells aren’t too loud, which I consider a plus. They sound quite pretty, even when you get the tune wrong. 🙂

  1. I like your ideas. The bells sound fun. It is interesting how we all work on the subject areas in which we are weak. I was hopeless at art at school but have a child who is fascinated by art, both in terms of looking at the art that others have produced and making her own. I have ending up spending a fair amount of time working on our art studies and learning more about art than I ever knew.

    • Thanks for coming by 🙂
      I think we all have certain subjects that seem daunting. But, it can be a lot of fun to revisit things as adults and learn alongside the children. If nothing else, I’m setting an example of perseverance with a task that I find hard.

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