Every few months I rearrange our timetable. I decide what we’re going to study and how. When this happens, I always ask the boys what they would like to learn (this is how we came to be learning French). This time around, Middly said that he wanted to learn Measuring. So, here are a few activities we did to explore measuring.
First, we played with our trundle wheel.
We made maps of the garden together.
I found some conversion charts online and we measured our feet in inches then found out our shoe size and compared it to the measurements taken in a shoe shop. I couldn’t find a good chart for working out width. But I did find this online shoe size calculator from Start right. So we used that.

When I took my lovely break, Daddy took the boys to the woods to measure trees. They compared two methods found online:
1) Comparing people’s heights with the tree’s height.
2) The bottom method, where you see how far away you have to get before you can see the top of the tree when you bend over and look through your legs.
My mum gave us her proper scales, with two sets of lbs and oz weights and two sets of gram weights.
We had lots of fun finding out how many ounces in a pound and how many grams in a pound. We checked the weights against one another. Then we weighed various packets of sweets to check whether we got what we paid for!
All in all, measuring has turned out to be a pretty good choice by Middly!
 photo bc6b61f4-5556-4b25-8fc2-416c509a8a19_zpsa41cc596.jpg


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