Teaching the Children to Think.

One of the joys of home education is being able to adapt the curriculum (if you use one at all) to suit your children.
One lesson that surprises people when they see it on our timetable is Thinking.
As a teenager, I adored Edward De Bono. I read a lot of his books including Teach Your Child to Think. When we began home educating, I was thrilled to include Thinking as a lesson.
I have always believed that people can be taught to think and to learn. We worked through the exercises in Teach Your Child to Think, with a few added touches from Think! Before it’s Too Late and Teaching Thinking.
If I’m honest, it wasn’t everything that I had hoped it would be. The boys weren’t very excited by the activities. They participated, but it wasn’t their favourite lesson.
I added a few more touches to our Thinking lessons. I began to finish the lesson with games designed to develop particular skills. We played Mastermind together, Shape by Shape and Sherlock (a card game that helps improve short term memory).


Eventually, I finished my De Bono series, and did a few one-off lessons. We looked at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages and at Myer’s-Briggs personality types.
These were much more successful. The boys were fascinated with these new ideas.
However, my latest find has been another De Bono book. I found his Mind Pack in a charity shop (it’s amazing how many of my resources are picked up in charity shops. I can’t resist science kits). I am very excited about this. It’s the perfect crossover between De Bono and card games.

I love being able to share something that interests me with my children. I think that processing skills are important, and I am hoping that this targeted practice will help the boys’ improve their problem-solving.

 photo bc6b61f4-5556-4b25-8fc2-416c509a8a19_zpsa41cc596.jpg


4 thoughts on “Teaching the Children to Think.

  1. We use a book called ‘ Brilliant Activities for Gifted and Talented Kids’ which has lots of activities to encourage creative thinking. My eldest picks one activity each morning and absolutely loves it. The activities are interesting and fun and I’d recommend the book.

    Thanks so much for linking up to this weeks #homeedlinkup

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