What my children taught me about germs and microscopes.

Based on Great Lesson Three, Eldest did a project on Germs and Middly did a project on microscopes.
Daddy bravely pricked his thumb so that Middly could make some slides (using a little with human blood, and Eldest could observe Daddy’s thumb as it healed.
Here’s Eldest’s description of Daddy’s the healing:

And here’s what Middly saw through a microscope when he looked at his blood slide:

I’m very grateful for Daddy sustaining an injury for the sake of science. I tried to stab myself in the thumb with a pin, but wimped out.
I did manage to provide Middly with some hair, though. So he made a slide with that. Once again, he drew what he could see at various levels of magnification:

I also got out a Microscope Kit and Middly built a microscope.
I meant to take a photo, but I forgot. So, here’s Middly’s drawing instead:
Middly talked about the effects of convex mirrors and how to put a slide together. I was rather pleased with his pictures.
They both drew a lot for this project.
Eldest drew a picture of germs in a body.
He talked about the invention of penicillin and of vaccinations.
He showed us a picture of bacteria being engulfed by macrophage, which he’d copied from a book.

Eldest particularly enjoyed using The Human Body Sticker Book by Usbourne for this project, and I was impressed by the level of detail.


5 thoughts on “What my children taught me about germs and microscopes.

  1. Wow – looks like you covered a lot! I’m just in the process of finding a second hand microscope on Ebay, I’m hoping that it will ignite a few sparks! I love the gingerbread man with germs my 5yo would love that 🙂

    • The boys have loved playing with their microscope. I find that things like that can really enthuse them!
      To be honest, I don’t really do much with their projects anymore. I put a few bits and pieces out and they just get on with it!

  2. My two are the same with the microscope. They love examining things but not blood yet – I see a lesson plan forming for next week! Dad will have to watch out because I’m a real wimp with blood:)

    I think we will look at germs this week – I have been inspired. My youngest is going through an advanced case of nose-picky-itus at the moment so I think learning about this topic is long over due.

    Thanks for linking up to this weeks # homeedlinkup

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