Screaming, throwing things, hitting and kicking: clear and obvious signs that the boys are overwhelmed.
We try – obviously – to avoid Overwhelm. We have routines.


We have clear expectations.
(My ‘solution’ to the problem of the boys asking for things when I was in the middle of nappy changing, then getting furious when I didn’t respond instantly.)
We try to keep our lives as calm as we can. That doesn’t mean we are able to avoid Overwhelm all the time. Sometimes there are too many people and Eldest gets overwhelmed. Sometimes we have too many outings and Middly gets overwhelmed. Baby – being a toddler – can be overwhelmed by dropping a biscuit or being asked to tidy away his puzzle. Come to think of it, all three can be overwhelmed by being asked – or, even worse, told – to do something.
When the boys are feeling overwhelmed, it can help to talk or cuddle. We frequently have recourse to Biscuit Re-sets (when you have a drink and a biscuit and agree to start the day again). Eldest likes to retreat to his room and read for a bit. Middly likes to hide under things and close his eyes.
I wouldn’t say that I had it sorted, but I have a lot of ideas about how to help my boys get themselves through the feeling of Overwhelm.
Last night, however, I noticed something that I hadn’t noticed before. I was thinking about how behind I am with the laundry and how tricky next week’s plan has become and how long it’s been since I wrote and how long my To Do list has become. I started to feel panicky and hot. I couldn’t see where to start to unpick the complications and piles of neglected tasks.
Turns out I can suffer from Overwhelm too.
Obviously, I need to sit down somewhere with a drink and a biscuit. Time for a Mummy-Re-set.
I can’t do everything. I am never going to be perfect. But, I can take a few minutes to recharge myself, prioritise the To Do list (cut a few things to give me breathing space!), mess about online for a bit, and get myself through the Overwhelm.


12 thoughts on “Overwhelm!

  1. I like your strategy to have a biscuit and a drink and start over again. Should try it myself. Lately good old Overwhelm has been visiting me a lot. 😉

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