The Strength that Comes From Peace

We are always on the look out for ways to tame the monsters inside our boys.

What with one thing and another, the boys can have very Hulk-style rages.
Some things are helpful, like routines and lots of fresh air. Some things don’t work so well.
The latest tool we have turned to is meditation. I was hoping that practising calming themselves would help the boys.
I found some guided meditations for children on line here.

These sessions are very short, starting at just three minutes. It was a low intensity introduction to meditation.

We also bought this book and CD combination online: Sitting like a frog

It’s been wonderful!
Admittedly, I sometimes reward the boys for ‘good meditating’. I made a big fuss the first time and now do so periodically in an attempt to keep enthusiasm up. But, I think they do enjoy it.
They have always gone to bed pretty well, but a short meditation together is a lovely way to end the day. It’s also a nice way of setting a calm tone in the morning.
Since we do the meditations together, I am benefitting too. I am not exactly known for my wonderful sense of calm, so anything that helps me be a bit more mindful is a very good thing indeed.
Best of all, the language has spread. I can remind the boys to think about ‘the strength that comes from peace’ (a line from the web based meditation on Peace) when they are getting a bit out of hand, and it means something to them. I have even got Middly to ‘sit like a frog’ when he was getting hyper, and it actually settled him back down.

Like most great things, it probably wouldn’t work for everyone, but it has surprised me. I never imagined that I would have daily meditation sessions with my children. The boys have brought me into a whole new world.


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