What my children taught me about Plants and Cats.

Our local library has been closed for a couple of weeks, and we didn’t have quite as many books available on the boys’ chosen topics as I would have liked.
This forced me to get a bit creative with their research, which – of course – turned out to be rather exciting!
Eldest was studying Cats. So I suggested that he draw on the experience of friends and family. He made a questionnaire about cat care and gave it out to various cat owners that we know. Then I showed him how to present his results as pie charts and bar graphs.



He also did some research online visiting Whiskers and Cats Protection League sites about cat care. Following their advice, he made a cat bed:


All in all, Eldest enjoyed this research and put on a fantastic talk with lots of visual aids.
I tried to inspire Middly with some hands on research as well. I got the microscope out and gave him slides of leaves and stems. He drew what he could see, and was very proud of being a ‘proper scientist’.
He also did online research, using Google images to help him draw a picture of the parts of a plant:


Middly also did an experiment from one if his science kits. He planted cress in three different conditions to see how it would fare on Saturn (in the freezer), Venus (on a windowsill, unwatered) and Earth (on the same windowsill, but with water). He predicted the results well. And it was a great way of illustrating what plants need to grow.


The boys responded well to my suggestions of hands on research activities. Hopefully we’ll think of more activities for their next projects. Though I am relieved that the library has reopened!


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