Things we do – The Hat

I wanted to try and link up to the Weekly Adoption Shout Out. So I tried to think of a Thing We Do. The only thing that came to mind was The Hat.


Actually, it’s not one hat, it’s many hats, sometimes it isn’t even a hat, sometimes it’s a jar.
The basic idea remains, however, we often write things on bits if paper and put them in a hat.
We do this when we’re playing Charades so that nobody stands there saying ‘but, I can’t think of any films’. We do this when we need to split into teams, because otherwise everyone gets stressed. We do this when we we are struggling to agree who sits next yo whom.
But, our best trick is car journeys and rainy days. Everyone writes down one, two, three or four (the number depends on how long we need Hat Time to last)  things that they want to do. All the things go in the hat. Then we take it in turns (sometimes we use another hat to decide  who gets the first turn) to pull something out of the hat and do it.
We find that suggesting games in the car frequently causes rows, yet pulling those suggestions out of a hat is welcomed with delight. We don’t know why it works for us, nor if it would work for other families. But, it does work. So we do it.


4 thoughts on “Things we do – The Hat

  1. What a brilliant idea, I’m definitely going to steal it. I especially like the idea for rainy days and holidays, it adds an edge of excitement to choosing activities. Thank you so much for sharing.

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