Parenting Guide by My Boys


This afternoon, I was still recovering from a pesky virus, so the boys were enjoying Free Time. They got on the computer together and wrote a book on how to be a good parent.
It includes 15 tips. Here they are:


Well, it’s worth a try. We have always been very resistant to long term bribery (short term bribery is a cornerstone of my parenting, however). But, my boys have great faith in the power of the written word.


I was rather pleased to see them including routine. I have always felt that our family routine is important to the boys. Not sure if this shows their self-awareness or their impressive ability to say what I want to hear.


I am sure it is a bad sign that the boys are so confident that mummies and daddies can put on the TV or give their children electronic games and then relax. Eldest sometimes says ‘Mummy, why don’t you put on the TV and switch us off for a bit’. Oops.
They made a front cover, and even wrote a little blurb on the back:


Then they gave it to Daddy for Valentine’s Day.


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