Great Lesson Two – Life

So, after the success of the First Great Lesson and the First Research Projects, maybe there was a little bit of pressure to ensure that the Second Lesson was good.
I didn’t make much use of Montessori stuff with this lesson. I wanted to talk a bit more about the evolution of life and there isn’t a lot of that in Montessori.
Instead I wrote my own talk, drawing rather heavily on The Great Wall Book of Natural History. I got a box of fossils, which I gave the boys to hold at various points in the talk. And I had some cuddly amoebas (part of the utterly adorable Giant Microbes range), which the boys held on to throughout the talk. I also got out the boys’ microscope and a set of slides showing bacteria, fish scales, hair etc. I encouraged the boys to look at individual slides throughout the talk.
I found a poster dividing animals into groups. And I made my own posters showing the Five Kingdoms and also the Prokaryote / Eurakaryote division of life.


Then the boys had a bit of fun looking at all the things I lined up to inspire their next research projects.

Eldest wants to play with the Bug Barn. So he’s exploring the wildlife of our garden. Middly wants to set up the Ant World. So he’s going to investigate ants.
Secretly, I am slightly concerned that we’re ignoring all the other fantastic things, like the DNA model and the microscope and slide-making kit. But, I think I concealed it! Theoretically, I do want this to be interest-led learning. If I am really excited about making slides, I should just do it myself (I already have played with the DNA model while they were in bed)!


4 thoughts on “Great Lesson Two – Life

    • It’s such a cliché, but, yes, I am learning a lot from teaching the boys. Eldest was incredibly chuffed to be able to tell me facts I didn’t know about Jupiter. He feels like he’s making genuine discoveries.

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