What my children taught me about Jupiter and Rocks.

Middly and Eldest have done their second presentations. I was rather proud of how much better these were than the last ones. There were more facts (hooray!). And Eldest’s talk flowed rather well.
Eldest had chosen to research Jupiter. He made a model (he used marbling inks to make the pattern, then stuck on tissue paper for the rings).
This is his script:
“Jupiter has a set of rings. All the Gas Giants have rings. Jupiter is a Gas Giant. Jupiter is 1,300 times the size of Earth. You can fit all the planets inside Jupiter.
“After Pioneer 11’s launch, Mission Control realised that they could use Jupiter’s gravity to alter Pioneer 11’s course to reach Saturn before Voyagers 1 and 2.
“Scientists think the very centre of Jupiter is 40,000°C and Jupiter’s cloud tops are about -150°C.
“The volcanoes spit special chemicals out to make Io yellow. Europa has a sea. Jupiter has 63 moons, 4 of which were found by Galileo. Ganymede is bigger than Mercury.
“Jupiter takes 10 hours to spin on its axis. Jupiter’s storms make it spin very fast. Jupiter spins at over 29,000 miles an hour. If Earth span at this speed our day would be less than an hour.”
He also drew (using a pair of compasses for the very first time) some of Jupiter’s moons.

Middly researched rocks. This is his speech:
“Rocks contain fossils and plants. Meteorites can be bigger than 14 jumbo jets. Weathering means exposure to the effects of the weather. Wind blows sand grains that break rock. The reason Oceanic Crust floats lower, on Mantle, is that it is denser than Continental Crust. The Mantle is molten rock. The crust is up to 40km thick.”
He drew the Rock Cycle.

I was particularly impressed when he paused to answer questions. It’s amazing, he really has learned something!
He also had a little demo. He made a Fold Mountain and a Rift Valley out of plasticine.


At the end of the presentations we did something extra. Everyone said something they had enjoyed about each of the presentations. Then each boy thought of something they wanted to do better in their next presentation. I am looking forward to seeing if that makes any difference to the next ones!


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