National Space Centre trip


To keep excitement high and encourage the boys’ research efforts in Great Lesson One I took them to the National Space Centre.
It’s a fair distance from us, and not cheap (£50 for the family including a £2 parking fee!), but it is a great day out!
As well as awesome rockets, there are loads of hands on exhibits.

Both big boys loved all the computer exhibits. There were a lot of those!
The boys really enjoyed the Baked Bean exhibit where they simulate the weight of a can of Baked Beans on various planets and on the Sun. A brilliant way to clear up the distinction between mass and weight!

There were several models of the Solar System. Which allowed the boys to experiment with the causes of eclipses.

Eldest found a video of Keppler’s Three Laws of Orbits, which is really handy for his research.
We really enjoyed the ‘astronaut’ training, which included an exciting ride. The planetarium is pretty impressive.
Plus – a big bonus for Mum and Dad – there’s a reasonably priced cafe.

Baby left his crusts, and I had to take a photo. It’s the first time one of our children has done so! Baby does sometimes leave some of his meal, which the older two found very worrying at first. As time has gone on, however, I think that Baby’s relaxed attitude to food has really benefitted the big boys.
They came back from the trip with renewed enthusiasm for their projects. I am definitely going to stick to my plan of including a trip as part of each Great Lesson.


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