Writing Resolution

We’re a week into the year and I need a new resolution.
The current one: more PLACE parenting and less losing my temper, is going pretty well. But, then, my husband is still on holiday, so parenting is currently half the normal workload! It would be pretty poor if I wasn’t doing well.
The problem is that I completely forgot to make a resolution for myself.
I am well aware that I need to believe that I have some life apart from the children. Otherwise I start resenting them and grow even more cranky and short-tempered. Then I start thinking that my parenting job is so hard I have no time or energy for anything else.
I get grouchy because I feel resentful. The boys dislike being resented and become more difficult. I get more tired and spend more time trying to work out how to be a better parent.
But, the more time I spend on parenting research and planning, the less time I have for me. So I get more resentful and so on.
Sometimes the best way to improve my parenting is to devote a bit less time and energy to it. Sometimes the best thing I can do for my children is something that has nothing whatsoever to do with them.
So I am going to get back to working on my writing, and trying to get that second commission!
My (slightly late) Writing Resolution is to do some writing every day. Not a massively ambitious resolution, I know. But, there’s no point being unrealistic. Once Husband returns to work, there will be very few moments in the day that don’t feel like a crisis.


4 thoughts on “Writing Resolution

  1. You are right here – sometimes parenting is better when we focus a little less on it. Although that’s a scary thing to say when I see so many who don’t seem to focus on it at all! But it becomes too intense if we never stand back and view it objectively. Regards the writing – I used to keep a ‘scribble’ book to hand, and put something in it every day as this helps keep the writing going and a very useful quote I came across to help is ‘don’t get it right get it written’! Stick that in your book too! Remember you will have loads of time when the kids grow – but never have this time with them again! 🙂 Go easy! x

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