Look how far we’ve come!


Just a few minutes spare, the two youngest are snuggled up in their beds and my husband is reading to the eldest. It’s a rare moment of peace at bedtime.
Since it’s New Year’s Eve, I find myself reflecting on how far we have come.
We’ve been parents for four years now. Our eldest will hit double figures this year (which makes me feel very old!), making this a rather special landmark year, this year we will pass the point when our eldest child has been home for more than half his life!
When we reached that landmark with our middle child, I felt a wonderful sense of ownership, I am really Mum now, more their Mum than anyone else is!
Together we have achieved so much. The children have worked hard and my husband and I can truly say that most days, most of the time, we have tried our best.
We have overcome some disgusting habits! My house rarely smells of urine anymore.
We have made amazing progress reducing violence and breakages are reducing. This year (for the first time!) more Christmas presents will make it would into the New Year in one piece than are lying in the bin.
More and more things remain where I left them. We have made wonderful progress!
The children are bigger, of course, and stronger and faster! They can play Scrabble by themselves and beat me at Uno. They swim and are beginning to pass when they play football. The eldest one has legible handwriting and the middle one can remember the months of the year in order.
Life isn’t perfect, of course, but we are making progress. And it is lovely to sit down this evening, take stock and conclude that – all be it slowly – we are moving forward together.
Here’s to remembering how far we’ve come and trying not to panic about how much there is left to do.
Happy New Year!


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