Obviously we do a lot of trips for history!
Cambridge is full of museums. St Albans has brilliant Roman museums. National Trust houses usually have trails, and occasionally hands on talks.


We made butter in a Victorian dairy

We had one amazing trip to Kentwell Hall. Everyone dressed up and we had a wonderful time!

We also saw the very exciting Matthew Ward give a talk on Ruthless Romans and Gruesome Greeks. A great way of raising historical enthusiasm.

We also use BBC and British Museum websites.

One of the hardest parts of teaching history (for me) has been trying to help the boys get a sense of how it all fits together. My eldest once came back from a trip to Mountfichet Castle and told us excitedly how he had seen ‘a real air raid shelter where the Normans hid’. We are working on this aspect using a fantastic new game called Chronology. All you have to do is guess whether a given event occurred before or after the cards you’re holding. The boys are (slowly) beginning to grasp how some key dates hang together. Games always work well in this house because we’re all absurdly competitive!
I am very excited for the future, however, because after Christmas we’re going to do the Montessori Great Lessons! So we’re going to cover all of history, from the Big Bang to Modern Mathematics. I have no idea how it’s going to go, but I am hoping it will help the boys develop big pictures of how the world is.


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