How we home educate


At the moment we are following a pretty rigid timetable. We aim (well, I aim and on a good day the boys are onside) for three hours teaching a day, usually in the mornings. The afternoons are more varied. We go to a local home educators group once a week. The boys have play therapy once a week. My mum takes the boys swimming once a week. Sometimes we go to the park with friends, or to the library. Sometimes we go to a National Trust property or a museum.
We have teaching time from Tuesday to Saturday. So we can take Mondays off and ease ourselves into the working week, and my husband can teach one morning a week, on Saturdays.
I have a fortnightly timetable, which the boys helped make. I made cards with all the lessons that I wanted to include. Then I let the boys contribute one lesson each (their choices were art/music and French). Then we all sat down and glued the cards to big sheets of paper to make a timetable. I let the boys choose where to put all the subjects. The hope was that they would be more inclined to do the work if they felt some ownership of the plan.
It’s been pretty successful, but we’ve been using this timetable for several months now and I’m beginning to plan something new for after Christmas!


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