English: plays!


I have a whiteboard, which we have a lot of fun brainstorming with!
We began our plays theme by talking about what makes plays special.


Luckily, we had a drama day with our home educators group, so the boys got to perform in front of an audience and be part of an audience.
We were also able – as part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas – to attend a puppet workshop at the ADC theatre.

We looked at Julia Donaldson’s book of plays: Play Time. First we did a read through together of one play (I chose to do thus lesson when my brother was visiting to read a part with us and my mum was visiting and gave us an audience).

Then we chose a play to study together. We studied The Billy Goat’s Gruff. I found a book of ours which tells the story. (This one, but it wouldn’t have mattered much) And I found a YouTube cartoon by Oxford baby. We read the play and the book and watched the cartoon. Then the boys filled in a worksheet I designed.
They finished by re-writing a page of the book as a play script. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had taken a lot on board about script layout and stage directions.

The final stage of the project was writing our own play. We chose another story we all knew: The Magic Porridge Pot. First we brainstormed the story:
(as you can see, the baby ‘helped’!)
Then we got all our glove puppets together and cast our ‘actors’.
Next the boys improvised a play and I filmed them.
They watched their improvisation and made notes ‘what was good about it’ and ‘what we could improve’.
I typed up the script from their improvisation and we went through making changes, adding a bit of explanation and improving a few lines. We typed up the final script.
Then the boys performed it. Here is the final result:
You tube video


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