Why we Home Educate


Whenever people hear that we’re home educating (which a lot of people do, since a lot of people want to know what my lovely school aged children are doing in a park in the middle if a school day), this is the first question they ask:why?!
I don’t like to explain it fully to everyone, it’s a but long-winded, but I’ve been thinking it over myself.
I think this is why:
Firstly: school made us all miserable.


The school my boys were at struggled to cope with their various needs and quirks. I want my boys to feel proud of how much they have achieved and not to keep comparing themselves with other children (many of whom didn’t have the traumatic start that my boys have managed to survive). My middle boy learnt at school that ‘girls are good and boys are naughty’ (he actually thinks this!). That is an awful thing for anyone to believe, especially a little boy.

Secondly: my boys love learning.


They think museums make awesome days out; they think maths is fun and they LOVE reading. The more time they spent at school, the more they began to believe that learning was boring and playtime was the only fun bit of the day. I wanted to get rid of that dangerous attitude.

Thirdly: I was finding the boys more and more hard work and less and less fun. When I told my family that we were thinking of home educating, they worried about me spending so much time with the boys. We were not doing well! I needed to start having fun with them again.


Fourthly: I wanted to take them on lots of trips, do lots of experiments and crafts, and go to the park loads! We simply don’t have time for school.



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