Sleeping through the storm

There’s a storm outside. The rain is hammering on the windows and the wind is rattling the trees. But my children are snugly asleep in their beds upstairs and my husband and I are comfy on the sofa. I love being warm and safe inside, while the storm batters the walls and roof.

It’s the contrast, I think: the sound of the storm reminds me how dry and comfortable I am. I love the feeling of being safe and protected together that I get when we are all in the family car driving through ugly weather.

Remember that passage about Jesus sleeping through a storm? Mark 4:35&c Jesus calms the storm

I wonder if the disciples had another option. Instead of panicking and waking Jesus, could they have settled down, curled up, and slept next to Him?

A friend of mine called me the other day to offload about work. She told me her dilemma and said ‘I couldn’t sleep last night, I was tossing and turning’. How often that happens to us: worry robs us of sleep.

For the disciples, of course, the storm was of short duration. They woke Christ and He commanded the storm to cease. I don’t think that always happens. Many of life’s storms last many nights. And if the storm isn’t going to be over quickly, we need to be able to sleep while it rages.

So, let the troubles toss and the world turn; when night falls, I will curl up in my little boat, next to Christ, and sleep through the storm.

In peace I will lie down and sleep. For You, O Lord, keep me safe.


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