Making Time to Write!

Presumably this is a pretty common problem.
There is only so much time in the day, and there are so many more important things to do! When there’s laundry to be done, dinner to be made, and you can’t see the carpet for books and weird bits of plastic that the children leave in their wake, writing seems rather self-indulgent.
Is it acceptable to put your children in front of a film on TV so that you can get an hour’s writing done?
Currently, I have one writing day a week. That’s one day when I don’t do housework, but instead I use every spare minute to write. Then I have a notebook in the bathroom (because that’s the only room I am ever alone in!) and I write in there every day, even if all I can manage is five minutes.
Proverbs 31:15-18
The Proverbs passage about the wonderful wife describes a woman who not only takes care of her family, but also manages her own business. My writing is my vineyard. I have to make time to tend it, and there is no need to feel guilty about that.
Arguably the passage also suggests that I could make more time by getting up earlier. But when I got up early this morning that only created enough extra time to take the children to the park on the way to school. Which was, I suppose, a success of sorts.


One thought on “Making Time to Write!

  1. I don’t know if it is “acceptable” but my daughter watches TV so that I can get work done. It is what it is I guess. I do make a point each day to spend quality time actively engaging with her and giving her a variety of activities to do but I know I don’t always succeed and do as well as I would like. I’m trying hard to learn how to find good balance and make the most of each moment we are given.
    Thanks for sharing!

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